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The effects of a medical misdiagnosis are dangerous

It’s a fact that a majority of Americans will be misdiagnosed or will get a diagnosis that is late in coming at least one time in their lives. Studies have shown that diagnoses that are missed, incorrect, or delayed occur in 10-20% of medical cases, far exceeding medication or surgical errors.

Bicycle accident injury attorney

Every year approximately 50,000 people are injured in accidents involving a bicycle and a motor vehicle, usually a car. While a helmet and other protective gear offers a bicyclist some protection, he or she is still at risk for sustaining some type of injury, even a serious one, due to the difference in mass between a car and a bike.

Improper lab procedures and results are medical malpractice

Accurate diagnostic testing and lab procedures are the cornerstone of prescribing the appropriate course of treatment for a disease, illness, or chronic condition. When errors are made in testing procedures, they can have disastrous consequences for patients

Can you sue your doctor for bad handwriting?

Lots of jokes have been made about doctors and their sloppy handwriting. But, sadly, a doctor’s sloppy handwriting is no laughing matter. Scribbled, indecipherable prescriptions and medical notes can result in medication errors with disastrous results for patients.

Did the doctor perform the wrong surgery?

Surgical errors are a form of negligence. The consequences for the victim can be serious and even potentially life-threatening. While proving negligence in wrong surgery is simple, assigning liability can be much more complicated.

Common examples of medical malpractice

Medical malpractice happens as the result of a negligent act or omission on the part of a doctor, hospital, or other healthcare professional, resulting in an injury to the patient. The negligence may involve errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, or health management.

The nursing home abuse stats you need to know

Nursing homes and their staff owe a duty of care to their residents as well as to their families. Sadly, over 40% of nursing home residents have reported being the victim of some type of abuse, and a staggering 90% have reported that they or another resident have been a victim of neglect.

Do you know the real signs of elder abuse?

Elder abuse exacts a heavy toll on its victims. Statistics have shown that over 5 million people are victims of some form of elder abuse in the U.S. with a 300% higher risk of death than non-abused individuals. Elder abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, and sexual as well as financial exploitation, neglect, and abandonment.

What is medical negligence?

If you feel that you or a family member have been a victim of negligence during the course of medical treatment, it’s important that you have a basic understanding of medical malpractice and of the principles and rules that govern these types of cases before making the decision to initiate a lawsuit.

Attorney for Anesthesia related injuries

Anesthesia and the use of anesthetics are crucial to controlling pain during surgery and other procedures. However, when errors are made as a result of negligence on the part of the anesthesiologist or other health care professional, they can have profound and lasting effects on a patient.

Failure to properly diagnose brain tumor

If a brain tumor is goes undiagnosed and untreated, it can result in devastating consequences for the patient as well as his or her family members and friends. Because many types of non-malignant and cancerous brain tumors grow rapidly, getting a prompt and accurate diagnosis is crucial to ensuring that the patient receives the necessary treatment. LEARN MORE

Erb’s Palsy lawyers

Erb’s Palsy, an injury to the brachial plexus, occurs most commonly during birth, affecting the fifth and sixth cranial nerves. A child with Erb’s Palsy can experience a wide range of symptoms including partial or full paralysis, lack of muscle development, and motor function to the upper part of the affected arm. LEARN MORE

Shoulder dystocia attorney in San Diego, CA

Shoulder dystocia or SD occurs during the birthing process when the baby’s head passes through the birth canal, but the shoulders remain stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone or are pushed up against the mother’s sacrum. This can result in injuries to the brachial plexus in the case of the baby as well as injuries to the mother.

Bacterial meningitis malpractice attorney

While bacterial meningitis is rare, it can have serious and even life-threatening consequences if it’s not treated immediately. Because bacterial meningitis attacks the central nervous system, failure to treat or a time lag in treatment can result in long-lasting or permanent neurological problems.

How to sue an attorney for malpractice

What happens when an attorney that you’ve put your trust in to handle a legal case fails or makes the original situation even worse? You may have a legal right to sue him or her for legal malpractice. In order to be successful, you need to prove that negligence was involved in the handling of your case and that the negligence affected your settlement, jury verdict, or award.

Do you have a legal case against Kaiser?

Kaiser Permanente pioneered the concept of the HMO. Today, the Kaiser Plan has more than 8 millions members throughout the state of California. Theirs is an integrated model for health care which means that you have to use their doctors and hospitals for your care. In addition, limitations have been added to all of their group policies regarding how cases of medical malpractice against Kaiser can be handled.