Medical Malpractice

San Diego, California Medical Malpractice Attorney

If a medical professional has made clear mistakes in your treatment, which resulted in serious injuries, there is no doubt that you have been left feeling confused and worried about your rights as a victim. Was it just an unfortunate, unavoidable error? Or could your injury have been prevented?

At the Law Offices of Scott S. Harris, APLC, located in San Diego, California, it is my job as a skilled California medical malpractice attorney to determine whether a doctor, hospital, or nursing home error was an honest mistake, or whether it was caused by negligent performance. Medical malpractice cases commonly include surgical errors, misdiagnoses that prevented immediate medical treatment, nursing home abuse, or injuries sustained by mother and infant during childbirth.

Kaiser arbitrations

If you have healthcare coverage from Kaiser-Permanente, there are limitations which may prevent you from filing a lawsuit for medical malpractice against one their doctors or hospitals. A provision of all of their group policies requires that cases of this nature be settled through arbitration. LEARN MORE

Anesthesia injuries

Many anesthesia injuries are the result of improper drug administration while the patient is under anesthesia. An anesthesiologist must take all precautions necessary when administering these types of medications to prevent an anesthesia injury. LEARN MORE

Birth injuries

Birth-related injuries can have disastrous and often permanent effects on the health, growth, and development of a child. Birth injuries can be the result of negligence on the part of a physician or other medical professional during pregnancy, at the time of birth, or during post-natal care. LEARN MORE

Cancer misdiagnosis

A misdiagnosis of cancer on the part of a physician can have serious consequences for patient by jeopardizing their chances of survival and resulting in the need for more aggressive and costly treatments. LEARN MORE

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy, a disorder that involves movement, muscle tone, and/or posture, is the result of damage caused to brain by an injury or abnormal brain development before, during birth, or immediately after birth. LEARN MORE

Children medical malpractice

When a child suffers a serious injury due to medical malpractice, it can have a devastating impact on their life as well as the lives of their loved ones. Failure to diagnosis and treat serious illnesses such as cancer or meningitis or medication errors can result in the death of a child. LEARN MORE

Drug administration errors

Drug administration errors include administering the wrong medicine, filling the wrong prescription, or overdosing the patient. These errors can lead to serious illness, permanent disability, or death. LEARN MORE

Healthcare nursing negligence — Sharp Reese Stealy

A nursing error may include any mistake or act of negligence by a nurse with respect to patient care. Such errors may involve failure to follow a physician’s orders for treatment, administering the wrong medication or administering it incorrectly, failing to adequately monitor a patient or to properly perform a medical procedure. LEARN MORE

I-Flow pain pumps for feet

Originally designed to administer pain medication into affected areas of the body after surgery, some physicians have begun using the pump on the feet of patients after foot surgery. Dangerous complications can arise from this practice including skin and tissue damage as well as damage to joints and cartilage. LEARN MORE

Medical mistakes

Medical mistakes happen for a variety of reasons with devastating results to patients. Some common examples of these types of mistakes include errors involving medication, surgical errors, or errors in post-surgical treatment and care. LEARN MORE

Medication errors

Medication errors can result in serious and often irreparable damage to a patient. Serious injury and wrongful death claims resulting from medication errors are often brought against physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners. Some common errors include prescription errors, over-or under-prescribing, breakdowns in communication, and errors in medication administration. LEARN MORE

Nursing home injuries

All nursing homes must abide by laws established by the state that govern the care of elderly and disabled patients. They are held to very strict standards when it comes to providing the most professional and compassionate care. Nursing homes and their staff are liable for injuries suffered by patients as a result of negligence. LEARN MORE

Radiology errors

Radiology errors can have serious health consequences resulting in a delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose a potentially serious health issue such as breast cancer, or to detect conditions such as blood clots or aneurysms. One of the most common radiology errors involves the misreading of films from X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, and mammograms. LEARN MORE

It is important to note that there are times that surgical procedures or medical treatments simply do not work out as hoped. It is my job as a medical malpractice attorney to remind you that a reality of the medical profession is that patients can be left with permanent damage and may even die, despite the best efforts of even the most competent doctors in the field. In contrast, medical malpractice is an injury or death that occurs as a result of avoidable negligence. When this occurs, you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you should not have otherwise been forced to endure.

By contacting me, you can rest assured that I will aggressively investigate your medical malpractice claim and fight for your rights. As a medical malpractice lawyer with extensive trial experience, I am fully capable of representing your best interests to the furthest extent and obtaining the best possible compensation.

If you are a member of Kaiser Permanente, their contract actually prevents you from filing a lawsuit against the medical service provider. Instead, you must take part in an alternative dispute resolution, known as a Kaiser Permanente Arbitration. As a California medical malpractice attorney, I have extensive experience representing Kaiser members. Contact the Law Offices of Scott S. Harris, APLC, located in San Diego, California, to speak with a qualified lawyer about your medical malpractice, or Kaiser Arbitration case. All cases are taken on a contingent fee basis, so you do not pay me any fees unless I am able to secure you the necessary compensation. Please call 619-573-6034, toll free 866-934-2432.