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Anesthesia is a powerful drug that causes the temporary loss of sensation. It is used during surgery to render a patient unconscious. The amount it takes to produce the desired effects, versus the amount it takes to cause serious bodily damage, is very small. An anesthesiologist must take great care in administering this medication. It is also critical for physicians and surgeons to take measures to prevent dangerous reactions with other drugs during surgery. Even the slightest medical mistake can have catastrophic effects.

If your doctor, anesthesiologist, or other health care professional has failed to provide the appropriate standard of care, and you have suffered an anesthesia injury as a result, please contact my law office to learn about your legal options.

Anesthesia Injuries

The effects of an anesthesia error vary based on a number of factors. However, common injuries include:

Many anesthesia injuries are due to improper drug administration while under anesthesia. Surgeons are required to monitor the patient’s condition during surgery and only administer medications that do not adversely react to each other.

Post-Anesthesia Errors

I also represent individuals who have been injured after surgery while in the recovery room. Nurses and other health care professionals are supposed to closely monitor patients after surgery and as anesthesia is wearing off. Incorrectly administering morphine or other pain medications during this critical recovery time can have catastrophic effects. Contact me if your injury occurred post-anesthesia or post-surgery.

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