Kaiser Medical Negligence and Malpractice Attorney in San Diego

Have you been a victim of negligence at the hands of Kaiser Permanente? Then you may have grounds for a medical malpractice suit against Kaiser. Kaiser typically settles its malpractice suits through private arbitration. This means that, instead of making your case to a courtroom full of jurors, the suit is brought to a panel of lawyers and judges who represent Kaiser’s best interests, not yours. 

In order to protect your rights during arbitration, consult a medical negligence and malpractice attorney in San Diego. A malpractice attorney can help reach a fair settlement during the arbitration process.

Can You Win?

In most cases, your malpractice claims will have to be brought to a private arbitration with Kaiser. In California, Kaiser’s arbitration process is meant to reflect the standards with which malpractice claims are prosecuted in court. Due to a provision in all of Kaiser’s group policies, California residents are unable to sue Kaiser in court and must agree to a private arbitration instead.

It may seem easier to negotiate a malpractice suit during an arbitration as you only have to convince three arbitrators as to the validity of your case rather than a full jury, but that is not necessarily the case. In the event of arbitration, the arbitrators are going to have Kaiser’s interests in mind, so they will be harder to sway than an impartial jury. This can affect your chances of winning the suit, so you need representation that will ensure you are not taken advantage of.

Working With Someone Who Knows the Kaiser System

If you’re facing arbitration, you want an attorney that is familiar with the Kaiser legal system. This increases the chances of winning your case because a lawyer who specializes in other types of medical malpractice may not be prepared for Kaiser’s particular standards. 

Scott Harris is a San Diego malpractice attorney with expertise in Kaiser Permanente’s arbitration system. He and his team will fight for your rights and demand a fair settlement to compensate you for the damages you’ve endured.