San Diego Kaiser Permanente Malpractice

Kaiser Permanente Medical Malpractice Claims

People seeking treatment for serious medical conditions should not have to suffer injuries due to medical malpractice. When you are injured by a Kaiser Permanente medical professional, contact me, attorney Scott Harris, to schedule a free initial consultation.

At the Law Offices of Scott S. Harris, APLC, in San Diego, California, I represent members of Kaiser Permanente HMOs in medical malpractice arbitrations. When you retain my services, I will make sure that Kaiser understands your concerns and the full extent of your injuries.

Kaiser Malpractice

Medical mistakes can have a devastating impact upon a person's life. As such, it is my job to determine whether a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional employed by Kaiser was responsible for your injuries.

Even though your doctor did not make any guarantees as to the success of your medical treatment, he or she must nevertheless adhere to a basic standard of professional care. As an experienced San Diego lawyer, I know what it takes to protect your rights in medical malpractice claims concerning:

Kaiser Permanente Arbitration

In attempts to limit claims against them, Kaiser Executives have implemented strict rules about how you can settle a malpractice claim. In fact, a provision of the insurance policy of Kaiser Permanente HMO members requires them to settle disputes through arbitration. This binding agreement prevents you from filing claims against Kaiser in court, and restricts your ability to contest serious injury claims.

These arbitrations involve technically complex procedures that you must adhere to when filing a malpractice claim. Over the years, people from throughout the Southern California, area have sought my advice concerning this binding arbitration. I understand the procedures and have legal strategies which can help you obtain the necessary compensation.

Wrongful Death against Kaiser Permanente

Nothing can ever come close to replacing a loved one lost at the hands of a negligent medical professional. When you have lost a loved one because of medical malpractice, you should consider filing a wrongful death claim. These claims are an attempt by lawmakers to provide you with a measure of justice via financial compensation following the premature death of a family member.

For more information about filing a medical malpractice claim against Kaiser Permanente, contact the Law Offices of Scott S. Harris, APLC, to schedule a free initial consultation. I represent people throughout Southern California, including those in Orange County, La Jolla, UTC, University City, and Encinitas. All cases are taken on a contingent fee basis, so you do not pay me any fees unless I am able to secure you the necessary compensation. Please call 619-573-6034, toll free 866-934-2432.