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[09/26] Satterfield v. District Attorney Philadelphia
Vacating the district court's denial of untimely relief sought from a judgment denying the habeas petition of a man convicted of criminal charges whose prior claims involving ineffective assistance of counsel were impacted by new Supreme Court law because changes in law under certain circumstances justify relief and the court must articulate its reasonable analysis, weighing the law against pertinent equitable factors.

[09/20] Browning v. Baker
Reversing the district court's denial of habeas corpus to a petitioner challenging his conviction for crimes involving the robbery and murder of a man in a Las Vegas jewelry store that resulted in the death penalty because a combination of prosecutorial misconduct and woefully inadequate assistance of counsel produced an extreme malfunction in the state criminal justice system.

[09/05] P. v. Washington
Affirming a murder conviction because defense counsel's failure to seek a separate proceeding from codefendants was not ineffective assistance of counsel where the codefendant's admitted jailhouse confessions were non-testimonial and did not violate the Aranda/Bruton doctrine.

[06/26] Davila v. Davis
In a case involving a capital punishment trial and subsequent appeal where the convicted alleged the ineffective assistance of appeal counsel in failing to raise the issue of a jury instruction to which trial counsel had properly objected, the court held that the ineffective assistance of post-conviction counsel does not provide cause to excuse the procedural default of ineffective-assistance-of-appellate-counsel claims.

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